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Application Process

Application Process


                1.     Application fee:  $47.00 non refundable.  (Sent with the following:)


2.     Application form completed.


3.     Essay completed (5 pages typed and double spaced). Please submit an essay on why you want to pursue a career in massage therapy/bodywork/healing arts.  The essay must be five (5) pages, typed and double-spaced, with 12-point font and standard margins.  Include a cover page and title page.   


               4.     Three (3) letters of reference (non-relative).  (Must be sent directly to Holistic Horizons from reference.) 
               *See form below.

5.     Transcripts from all schools attended.  (Must be official and sent directly from the school or college.  A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for consideration for enrollment at Holistic Horizons.  If your GPA is below 2.5 but above 2.0 you may be eligible for enrollment under certain circumstances.  Below 2.0 will not be accepted.)


6.     You must be a high school graduate or equivalent to apply.  (GED must give a GPA; seniors may apply before graduation.)


7.     You must be 18 years or older to enroll.  (enrollment in modules 1 & 5)


8.     All the above items must be received by Holistic Horizons by 60 days prior to the module to be considered for enrollment.  Late applications may not be accepted and may require an additional late fee.


9.     Individual interview(s) will be set up after all the above information is received and reviewed.  (Tours of the school will be given at the interview.)


10.  After the interview you will have to submit a copy of your physical examination. Have a copy of your physical sent to Holistic Horizons directly from the physician’s office.  It must state you are able to give and receive bodywork.


11.  You will be notified by mail as to whether you are accepted as a student.  Please allow 30 days to process the application.                                                                                                                                      






(319) 752-0175


*Letter of Reference for Student Applicants Form


____________________________________________(Student’s name);


is applying for enrollment at Holistic Horizons, Institute of the Healing Arts.  Your assistance is appreciated.  Please mail responses directly back to Holistic Horizons.  Your comments will be kept confidential.  Forms given to students by the reference will not be accepted and could delay the application process.




Please write a letter of reference and enclose it with this formThere must be  a written letter, preferably typed, sent along with this form.




Please comment on all of the following areas in your letter and then add anything additional that you would like to state about the applicant.



Ethical Behavior

Sense of Responsibility

Ability to Relate to Others

Academic Readiness

Ability to Manage Time

Emotional Stability

Maturity Level

Willingness to Follow Policies and Procedures

Level of Commitment to Projects

Ability to Follow Directions


Your Name (reference)___________________________________________________________________




Occupation  ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone (Home)_______________________________(Work)_____________________________________


How long have you known this applicant?____________________________________________________


In what capacity have you known the applicant?_______________________________________________



(Note to Prospective Student—Make 3 copies and give to 3 references)













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