Holistic Horizons

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The Modules are as follows:

Module 1    Core Basics                                                                                200 Hours
This is theory, applications, techniques and hands on practice for massage therapy and bodywork.  It includes the basic strokes, sanitation, equipment, ethics, regulations etc. and 15 hours of Eastern Anatomy & Physiology. (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Module  2   Anatomy & Physiology (western)                                                 85 Hours
This module is taken through the local college.  It covers all of the systems of the body.  It also covers the muscles. (cost based on college tuition + texts)

Module 3   Pathology                                                                                      40 Hours
This module covers the contraindications of massage therapy as well as the different types of diseases. (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Module 4   Kinesiology                                                                                  25 Hours
In this class we cover the actions of the muscles and also the functions.  Students are also exposed to muscle testing. (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Module 5   Business                                                                                      50 Hours
Students will be required to put together a business plan as part of this course.  They will learn the benefits and challenges of self employment (66 % of massage therapists are self employed), of working for others, and contract work.  They will have an overview of marketing strategies for the massage & bodywork industry.  As a new twist, we will also be covering the importance of social media in today's market place. (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Module 6   Psychology                                                                                 40 Hours
This module is taken through the local college.  It is helpful to understand the basics of psychology in dealing with people in pain and also who are customers.  It exposes students to the different behaviors to be aware of, as well as is an avenue for self reflection.  Touch can trigger emotional responses.  This class helps practitioners to be aware of the connection between mind and body. (cost based on college tuition + texts)

Module 7   Electives                                                                                   50 + Hours
Students must take a minimum of 50 hours of electives.  These are often taken through the local college and are based on areas of specialization.  Course choices include such things as Reiki, reflexology, deep tissue, color therapy, aromatherapy etc.  (The cost of the course is dependant on the number of hours, topic choice and location offered.)

Module 8   Student Clinic                                                                             110 Hours
Students will be working in a clinic setting.  They must complete 100 hands on sessions which are equal to a contact hour.  The remaining 10 hours will cover learning the business procedures along with keeping client files and soap notes.  (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Module 9  Miscellaneous                                                                               30 Hours
This module allows the student the freedom to take a course that they feel would help them on their career path.  It can include another college course such as a computer/billing class.  It could involve additional elective hours.  Or students also often have the opportunity to do community service projects, attend expos, trade shows etc. (Cost of the course is dependant upon where the student takes these misc. hours from.)

Module 10 CPR/First Aid                                                                                10 Hours
This course is taken through a variety of options. (Cost of class varies from free  and up.) 

Module 11 Review                                                                                          10 Hours
We will review the course topics to help prepare the student for taking the state and/or national certification exam. (Cost is $11 per class contact hour)

Students are required to pay for each module in advance.  A passing score of 70% or higher is required to continue to the next module.  some module can be taken simultaneously.  Students must attend all scheduled hours.  One make up day will be scheduled & given for free, after that, students who miss hours will have to pay an additional fee to make up the missed hours.   This will be at a higher rate than the group tuition price.
Text books, material, equipment & supplies are all an additional charge and are not included in the tuition price
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